Devaluation of NFL Quarterbacks? 

The first round of the NFL draft happened on April 27th, and it was full of the same old strategies employed by teams. This is in evaluating quarterbacks. Teams see the position as a supply vs demand type of thing. Get a quarterback at all costs, and if it doesn’t work out, just draft another one next year. 

The issue with this strategy is that this year’s quarterback class has no definitive leader. No single prospect that is a sure fire top draft pick. All of them have multiple questions and red flags that would make any sane fan skip on picking one. For example, Mitchell Trubisky has only started 13 games in his college career. 13 Games! He was selected by the Chicago Bears at pick number 2. For a quarterback that is alarming because the sample size in building his resume is so small. The reason this is bad is because many teams view one year starters who’ve had a good year, as “one year wonders.” Patrick Mahomes was the second quarterback selected, at pick number 10 by the Kansas City Chiefs. He has questions about being able to run a pro style system. 

It’s always alarming to me when prospects come from offenses that are “air it out.” They rarely make reads at the line of scrimmage, and they only operate out of the shotgun.  Deshaun Watson was chosen at pick number 12, by the Texans and he arguably was the best of this group. His questions are in decision making and maybe running a simplified college offense. Has the value of the biggest position in football been devalued? Where it isn’t about having a polished prospect, moreso a team needs a quarterback to the point that they’re willing to overlook the red flags? Many players have potential to be great, but in a year where there is no definitive top prospect, are general managers willing to risk their jobs over it? 

It seems so. 


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