Tennessee Titans draft: a bit too much?

Being from Tennessee, I guess it is natural to be an avid fan of the Titans football team. After a few years of tough seasons that ended with the selection of Marcus Mariota in 2015, the future is bright for the franchise. Today, I want to briefly touch on the Titans’ draft that took place last weekend.  Why I believe that General Manager Jon Robinson swung a little too hard in the direction of the offense. 
First, I have no problem with the Titans’ first round pick, Corey Davis. This guy is a physical wide receiver that can break the big play anytime he touches the ball. The team’s primary target last year was Rishard Matthews who had a good year with the team but kind of struggled against superior cornerbacks. 

The pick that I am curious about, is Adoree’ Jackson. My team needs secondary help badly, but I thought it was a reach for this player. Why? Jackson is only 5ft 10 inches. There was another player selected with the first pick of the second round out of the University of Washington, Kevin King. He’s at 6ft 3 inches. That is where the NFL is headed for defensive backs. With offensive players getting freakishly more athletic every year, already being above 6 ft tall, defensive backs are getting picked on. My other issue is that Adoree’ Jackson split his time on special teams and some offense while at USC. He’s not polished like Kevin King is at the position. 

My last concern, was picking another wide receiver in the 3rd round when the team had a need at linebacker. I understand wanting to upgrade the position since our passing offense was ranked at 25th, according to NFL.com. Taywan Taylor is fast, and can help make plays after the catch, but defense was arguably a bigger need. We didn’t address the position until the 5th round, going with an undersized player at 6ft tall. 

It grinds my gears, because Willis Jordan was still on the board in the third round. He’s been talked about as being possibly the most complete linebacker in the draft, at 6ft 4 inches. He can play multiple positions, and can use his height to compete with Tight Ends. Being tall helps linebackers swat down passes. We needed help there, because this team was ranked 20th(out of 32 teams) in total defense, giving up 4,307 passing yards during 2016, according to NFL.com

You can’t score more than the opponent, if you don’t get a least a few defensive stops. 


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