My thoughts on Logic’s album, “Everybody.” 

Logic is one of the hardest working young artists in the hip hop/rap genre right now. The Maryland rapper, has taken his time coming up from popular mixtapes like Young, Broke, and Famous and Welcome to Forever.  

Fast forward to 2017, and he is now on his third album. Coming off Under Pressure and The incredible true story, the bar was set high for a new project. Everybody, which was an album with very personal concepts to Logic. He’s a guy that’s been at the center of racial talk much of his life. Being biracial, but he states that most people wouldn’t know it because of his complexion. This drives a lot of his music, trying to preach understanding between people. 

Everybody, is sometimes a misfire. The issue with the album, is in its repetition. Logic talks a lot about racial issues between white and black people in America, mostly on how he was looked at growing up. Multiple songs tackle the same issue slightly differently. It also is not deep enough for the subjects it tackles. Songs like Everybody have been hit with criticisms of being surface level. He presents these issues, but only at their base. Logic talks about this album being for everybody, but the themes are limited to a few perspectives, understandably the ones in his blood. It sort of does a disservice to his point though. 

Another point against it is that there’s a large inconsistency. Ink Blot features Juicy J, just two songs before 1-800-273-8255, a song shedding light on suicide. Juicy J’s last few bars totally clash against that messsage. Telling someone to kill themselves, even jokingly when Logic wants to treat that message with proper care, does a disservice. He also has said that this album is him rapping from other perspectives, but there’s too much of his own experiences in it. 

Logic also hits on politics a few times through the album, mostly in America.  Hits on Donald Trump, and even the Flint water crisis but these are only that, mentions. It seems to be those bars were there to fill out the song and make it more conscious? He fails to dive deeper and explore the systemic issues of race in America. 

Even with those issues, you can’t knock on Logic for trying to make something deeper than just “fun rap.” He does care about the craft, and he cares to make a difference in the lives of his fans. That’s why his songs on this album are concepts of everyday life, that he relates to. Black SpiderMan is a song with very nice production. By the way, this album is produced beautifully, something that’s been getting better with his albums. Logic talks about being misunderstood, just wanting to live without having to choose an identity. Even if it comes off as being preachy, he has a great heart and wants to be known for more than just stereotypical club rap. 

All in all, Everybody is a flawed album, but a personal one that oozes emotion. It didn’t help that this album came off Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN, but its a solid compliment to it. 


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